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Something’s Cooking by J’Something is a home away from home. It’s a non-pretentious, quality experience. Although the food itself doesn’t have a specific theme as per say, much like my music, it is honest food. It is flavour filled food. It is food cooked with love. These are recipes I, myself created and served countless times in my home.


There is a mixture between my Portuguese roots, my South African upbringing, and my latest obsessions such as Japanese cuisine and healthy alternatives. At Something’s Cooking, all I want is to create a memorable experience for you, your friends, and your family. It’s a place where I want the food to create conversation, laughter, and happy memories. Its core foundation is sharing, so come hungry and come with your people. I sincerely look forward to hosting you with my incredible team.


Once upon a time there was a man, his name was Joao but when he moved from Portugal to South Africa and became a famous singer, for this band called Mi Casa, he faced a unique challenge. People could not pronounce his name (Pronounced – J – Wow) so he became known as … J’Something.

After a couple multi-platinum selling records and performing across the globe with his band he decided to one day share another part of his life with his Instagram followers… a roast chicken dinner he had made for his wife one random evening in the heart of Johannesburg. The picture that circulated on social media was accompanied by #SomethingsCooking. Fast track to today: this moment right now, here YOU are, sitting in his restaurant, from # to restaurant. From # to cookbook. From # to cooking show!

  • positive review  Some dance moves by J something and also the new menu is sick, dope dope dope menu

    thumb Ray Shamrock
  • positive review  Enjoyed the food and loved the music 👍

    thumb Chumisa Vimbani
  • positive review  Brilliant open mike music 🎵

    thumb Shaz Gerrard Dowdeswell
  • positive review  Stunning place and amazing food just a putty staff are talking so loud as we were the only table it’s not nice and the walk past table talking as if it’s not disturbing

    thumb Brian Henry Dixon
  • positive review  Stunning venue, food was amazing

    thumb Alison Garrett
  • positive review  Great food, great vibe!✨ Going back forsure!!!

    thumb Caron van Schalkwyk